It’s important to keep your dog active and to allow it to socialize with other animals. At apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park access close by, you have plenty of chances to keep your dog social.

If you have an older dog, you need to take care when bringing it to dog park, especially if it hasn’t been around other dogs. Ease the dog┬áinto the experience by:

Socializing Older Dogs and Adult Dogs
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  • Walking around the outside of the park. This allows your dog to see the other animals and get their scent, without coming into physical contact.
  • Sitting and observing. Let your dog see what the other dogs are doing, and your animal will get some understanding of proper behavior.
  • Treating your dog when other dogs come close. The treat acts as positive association between your dog and meeting new dogs.
  • Not pulling. The first time at the dog park may be overwhelming. If you pull your dog or jerk the leash, you teach it to think of the dog park as a negative experience and it won’t want to go back.

Our pet-friendly apartments have tons of room to play with your dog. Contact us to learn more about our pet policies.

Socialize With Other Pups at the Chapel Watch Village Dog Park

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