Going green is becoming more and more necessary in today’s society. If you are wondering how your apartments are keeping things eco-friendly, then take note of the sustainable amenities.

Here is how our apartments in Chapel Hill with sustainable amenities are keeping things green friendly.

Amenities at our Chapel Hill Townhomes
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  • Our apartments are both Earthcraft and ENERGY STAR certified. This shows that all efforts are being made to be efficient.
  • There are beautiful ENERGY STAR appliances in our kitchens that are energy efficient and environmentally safe.
  • All the light fixtures are designed to be energy efficient saving you money and energy.
  • We have beautiful oversized windows that allow natural light to come into your space.
  • Through the use of recycled materials, we have wonderful carpeted floors.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms both have fixtures that are water efficient, once again saving you money and energy.
  • The ceiling fans allow you to cool your space without the use of additional cooling systems.

Enjoy living in your apartments and helping the green effort. You can always contact us to learn more about our amenities and eco-friendliness.

See How Our Chapel Hill Apartments Keep Things Eco-Friendly

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