2015 not your favorite year ever? Ready for something new in 2016, but can’t get past the standard “Go to the gym more!” resolution? Check out these awesome ideas of no-fail New Year’s resolutions from your team at Chapel Watch Village, sure to make 2016 one of your favorite years yet:


You’ve heard it from the experts – sleep (at least 8 hrs) is an integral part of our health, helping with everything from our weight to our moods to our risk of disease. Unfortunately, technology has given us TONS of ways to interfere with our sleep, from glowing lights and beeping sounds to just a huge increase in screen time. Shut off Netflix by 11pm and give your brain and eyes a chance to wind down. Decompress mentally, connect with others, and let something other than Orange is the New Black lull you to sleep at time.’


If this one hits a nerve for you, resist all urges to put this off until next year! If this is you, do it now. Whatever procrastinating is getting in the way of for you – whether that’s a goal, a task, a lifestyle change – imagine what next year could be like if you broke this habit? Need some specifics? No worries – here are some great tips and productivity guidelines to help you get on your way.


You chose an Chapel Watch for a reason – when you took your first tour, we can imagine there was something that really got your blood pumping (Fitness center! Saltwater pool! Wood paths!) that you just haven’t quite gotten a chance to use much, or at all yet. That’s okay! Life can get in the way sometimes, but make the most of your time at Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village by resolving to use those amenities you’ve always wanted to. And who knows – maybe while you’re at it, you’ll hit it off with a great neighbor from down the street who shares the same interest?

Happy and health 2016 to you and yours from Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village!

New Year’s Resolution Rut-Busters

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