The environment is a concern for most people. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning your eco-friendly apartments in Chapel Hill, you want to use safe products. There are all kinds of natural items that you can clean with.

Check out these natural ingredients to clean your apartments.

Natural Ingredients to Clean Almost Anything!
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  • Baking soda is great for scrubbing with. You can clean grout and all kinds of other things with it. It also helps to whiten things.
  • Try some cornstarch and club soda for getting rid of stains in fabrics. This natural stain cleaner works fantastic.
  • Lemons are also a great product for getting rid of stains and also for removing unpleasant smells. You can use it for your garbage and fabrics.
  • Olive oil is a fantastic product to use in lieu of commercial polishes. It will get your woods looking amazing when you use it on such surfaces.
  • White vinegar is another great item for removing stains. It also works as a natural cleaner that disinfects. This is a great item for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

Don’t resort to chemical cleaners when you can do so much the natural way at your eco-friendly apartments in Chapel Hill. Get more information by contacting us.

Natural Ingredients to Clean Your Chapel Hill Apartment

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