A saltwater pool is less than a tenth as salty as the ocean, which is great news for people who love a good swim for a workout or for fun! The amount of salt present in a saltwater pool is well under the negative ramifications of the ocean, providing benefits far exceeding coastal waters and traditional chlorinated pools! Here are some benefits to saltwater pools:

  • Gentle on Skin and Eyes– Saltwater pools don’t carry any of the annoying irritants commonly found in chlorinated pools, leaving a comfortable and burn-free swimming experience.
  • “Softer Water”- Chlorinated pools often feel harsh and abrasive to swim in, but if you’re familiar with water softeners, you know that the added salt in your water makes for a smooth, silky feeling.
  • Less Downtime– Chlorinated pools need a lot of maintenance, meaning residents get less time in the pool and more time waiting for maintenance to get done doing what they have to do. Saltwater pools require much less of this.

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Get the Benefits of a Saltwater Pool at Chapel Watch Village

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