Games to Play at the Chapel Watch Village Dog Park
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Our apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park are perfectly designed for man’s best friend. If you’re looking for cool new ways to engage your pet while in the community dog park, take a look at these easy games to play.

  • Fetch – Concerned with your dog’s cardiovascular health? Playing fetch is perfect exercise for him. Toss a ball today!
  • Frisbee – Improve your dog’s coordination and reflexes by tossing a brightly colored frisbee in the park. Hot pink, sunshine yellow, and other bright colored discs are easy for you to differentiate from other dog owner’s frisbees.
  • Tug of War – Help your dog improve her muscle tone and strength with this fun game that can be enjoyed at our apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park.
  • Pulling – Get your large dog to pull you while you roller blade or skateboard around the dog park. This workout is fun for your pooch and you.

What are some of your favorite games to play with your fury bestie? Share your game ideas, tips and tricks with fellow pet-lovers in the comments box below this post. For more information about our apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park and our pet policy, contact us today.

Games to Play at the Chapel Watch Village Dog Park

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