Our Chapel Hill apartments with ENERGY STAR appliances are great for those of you who are more conscientious about the way you live.

Energy Star appliances
Source: Chapel Watch Village

These appliances can be helpful when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, conserving our resources, using less energy, and of course – saving money!

ENERGY STAR appliances have been highly rated as energy-efficient appliances. That means they’re designed to use less energy and still operate exactly the way you’d want and expect them to. The fact they use less energy translates into savings on your utility bills each month.

In addition to using the ENERGY STAR appliances in your apartment, you can also save money on your energy costs by taking small steps in the right direction at home.

This can include adjusting your thermostat down a few degrees, using a door snake on your exterior doors, and reversing the direction of your ceiling fans.

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Benefits of Energy Star Appliances in Our Chapel Hill Apartments

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