There’s plenty to do outside this spring ‘n summer at Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village! Why not schedule a little margin in your life? You might find a whole new outlook in that fresh air, so get outside for a guilt-free walk on the trail or a dip in the pool.

Here are 5 great outdoor amenities to enjoy at Chapel Watch Village in Chapel Hill, NC:

  1. CW0005The Saltwater Pool

There are several benefits to having a saltwater pool over a traditional chlorine pool. Like comfort. Salt water is soft on skin, doesn’t irritate eyes, discolor hair, or have that harsh odor. Having a saltwater pool also means that we don’t have to store and handle toxic chemicals on a regular basis at CWV. It’s environmentally safer. So you can kiss dry skin, fading swimsuits, and green hair goodbye.

  1. The Wooded Trails

We love the lush and verdant surroundings in Chapel Hill, so we made sure to build it into the everyday living experience for the residents at Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village. Nature is a luxury we sometimes forget with our busy schedules — so why not leave the rat race at work and enjoy the beautiful wooded trails at Chapel Watch?      

  1. playgroundThe Playground

Sometimes it’s good to pry our kids away from all the digital devices. And with plenty to do outside, they’ll forget all about the Xbox and get the exercise and real-world fun we all know they need.        

  1. chapel_watch_dog_parkBark Park

Who’s a good dog? Your dog is, of course! So why not let ‘em run a bit, leash-free at our Bark Park? And while they’re getting to know some of the other dogs, you can get to know some of the other humans. You might find a new business connection or some other resource you didn’t know about. All because of your pooch.   

  1. The Clubhouse Porch

Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village is designed to encourage outdoor living and interaction with neighbors and friends. Enjoy all the green space and planned gathering spaces — like our spacious and inviting clubhouse porch.

We’ll gladly accept all 5 of your perfect “excuses” to get outside this summer and enjoy the full luxury of living at Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village!

5 ‘Excuses’ to Get Outside at Chapel Watch Village

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